Luxury Hypnos Mattresses

What does the Royal Family know about a good night’s sleep that you don’t? Their secret is a bed provided by the famous British manufacturer, Hypnos. This company has been awarded the current Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

It is no secret why the Royal Family sleeps on Hypnos mattresses. Their fine handcrafting, attention to detail, and superior quality make them fit for any king or queen.

Hypnos Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection by Hypnos includes some of the most luxurious beds made in the UK. All of these mattresses are feature hand stitching and hand tufting and three generous rows of stitching along the sides to add support at each edge.

The Elite, Superbe, and Supreme are all models offered from the Heritage Collection. Easy turn handles make moving the mattress a snap. Each is backed by an impressive five-year satisfaction guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty.

The Heritage Superbe

For a superb night’s sleep, the Hypnos Superbe is beyond compare. It includes more than 1,630 pocket springs (king size) constructed with the company’s exclusive ReActive system. Its depth of 27.9 centimetres is comprised of layers of fluffy natural cotton, soft cashmere and silk, and lambs wool to provide comfortable support. Topping these sumptuous fillings is beautiful Belgian Damask upholstery that is hand-tufted.

The Superbe is available in soft, medium, or firm levels of support to match your personal preference.

The Heritage Elite

The Elite provides even more support to the sleeper’s body with its 1,800 ReActive pocket springs. Along with all the great features of the Superbe, it includes a layer of fine and luxurious hair and a cushion of visco elastic memory foam, which conforms to your body in the way only this unique material can.

The Heritage Supreme

Some sleepers may prefer the comfort of a Supreme model from Hypnos. Its slightly softer surface feel comes from 1,440 pocket springs in the king sized mattress. Hand-tufted wool atop a layer of memory foam ensures that this bed will retain its shape for many years to come while air vents integrated into the sides of the mattress prevent a build-up of humidity and moisture. Long-lasting comfort and support are the trademarks of a Hypnos Heritage Supreme mattress.

When you want to pamper yourself with luxury befitting a Royal Family member, then you will settle for nothing less than one of these fine beds from Hypnos. For over a century they have been providing some of the most restful night’s sleep to thousands of Brits, and even the Queen herself.

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