Hypnos Silver Mattress

Hypnos has been manufacturing mattresses in England for more than a century. Founded in the early part of the 20th century by George Henry Keen, Hypnos began making luxury beds by hand, crafting deep pocket springs for their mattresses. Today, George’s descendants continue this tradition by providing the ultimate in mattresses to both consumers and businesses alike.

Hypnos mattresses are part of “the most comfortable beds in the world”, according to the company. Indeed, this slogan has proven itself true. Not only does the Royal Family choose Hypnos beds to pamper them in luxury at night, but some of the globe’s highest-rated hotels also offer these top-of-the-line beds to their guests. In fact, you will find a Hypnos mattress in your room if you book accommodations at either the York and Albany or JW Marriott’s Grosvenor House.

One thing that sets Hypnos mattresses apart from the competition, besides their superior quality, is the guarantee offered by the company. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and the product itself is warranted against defects for a period of five years.

The Contemporary Bedstead Collection

The Hypnos time-honoured handcrafting method of producing beds is evident in its Contemporary Collection of bedstead mattresses.

This collection was started as a way to offer consumers their trademark quality in a product that could be used with frames made by other manufacturers.

As long as the slats of the bed are less than seven and a half centimetres apart, a Silver mattress is guaranteed to fit. The contemporary check pattern is designed to complement today’s modern furniture suites.

Silver Mattresses

What sets apart the Silver model of mattresses from others?

One of the unique features of these beds is the patented ReActive No Need To Turn pocket springs construction of the mattress. Hypnos includes more than 850 of these unique springs in the king size version.

The upholstery of the mattress is comprised of natural fibres. Inside the depths of the product are layers of pure cotton felt alternated with ultra soft lambswool. All materials are hypoallergenic.

On the exterior, Hypnos utilises their trademark hand tufting and double rows of hand side-stitching. The extra border stitching means it offers greater support to sleepers from one edge to the other.

The Silver mattress from Hypnos is an excellent quality product that is offered at a reasonable price. Check out the the prices below at Mattress Man to find the cheapest Hypnos Silver Mattress on the market:

All Hypnos Silver mattresses come with a 28 day lead time and a price guarantee so you can be sure that you’re paying the lowest price.

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