Hypnos Platinum Mattresses

Is your bedroom a sumptuous retreat or merely a place to rest your head for a few hours each night?

If your bedroom is lacking that special something to turn it into a place you look forward to relaxing in, perhaps it is time to do something about the furnishings. The best place to start is with replacement of your old bed.

Upscale designers know the secret to creating a sensual and relaxing atmosphere is to provide a bed that no one can refuse. They heap it with layers of silky and soft textured bed linens, pile on fluffy pillows, and drape it with luxurious fabric. Another key factor these days is ensuring that the bed is healthy, too. Most designers prefer hypoallergenic fabrics for their clients.

But what would you find if you stripped away the layers of fluff and furbelows? In most cases, a Hypnos bed, and many times a Platinum Mattress from the company’s Contemporary Collection.

Why Choose a Platinum Mattress?

While there are many good reasons to select a Hypnos Platinum mattress, for designers the key reason is because they can pair it with nearly any bedstead. As long as the slats in the frame are no more than seven and a half centimetres (or three inches) apart, a contemporary mattress from Hypnos will work very well.

For the average consumer, there are many benefits, as well. For one, the time-honoured, traditional methods used by the craftsmen employed at Hypnos assures them that the mattress they purchase from a stockist is carefully handmade and warranted against defects for a period of five years.

Unique Features of a Hypnos Platinum Bed

The Platinum model from Hypnos’ Contemporary Bedstead collection is the top of the line. Along with the trademark ReActive No Need To Turn construction of this king-size mattress, it includes over 1,630 pocket springs for superior support.

The interior of the mattress is layered with downy lambswool, pure cotton felt, and visco elastic memory foam. All of the fibres are non-allergenic to accommodate sensitive sleepers.

The outside upholstery is finely detailed. It includes dual rows of hand-stitched borders, creating a basis for maximum support even at the edge. And as with all Hypnos mattresses, the top cover is hand-tufted, a nearly lost art these days.

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So pamper yourself by creating a bedroom retreat where you can truly get a good night’s sleep and buy an affordable Hypnos Platinum mattress from Mattress Man. After all, aren’t you worth it?

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