Hypnos Orthos Support Mattresses

How many sleepers out there have never had a problem with back pain after waking up? Most of us know the pain of an aching back only too well, and it’s a rough way to start the day.

Studies have shown that one of the biggest contributors to relieving back pain is sleeping on a good, supportive mattress. All the chiropractic treatments, pain relievers, and warm compresses in the world are not going to relieve a sore spine and neck if you are still sleeping on an old, lumpy bed.

About the Orthos Support Collection

With this in mind, the Hypnos Company has developed their Orthos Support line of mattresses. They offer firm support that is wrapped in sumptuous layers of soft upholstery for the ultimate in comfort.

Hypnos spent much time learning how to utilise modern technology to provide firm support via pocket springs whilst keeping their traditional handcrafting methods in place to produce these fine quality beds.

The Orthos Support 1400

All of the mattresses in the Orthos Support collection feature Hypnos’ exclusive ReActive No Need to Turn pocket spring construction. The number beside the model name refers to the amount of pocket springs found in a king sized (150 centimetres) mattress; in this case the Orthos Support 1400 provides over 1,440 springs to provide superior support and firmness.

Hypnos’ pocket springs are different than most others. They are barrel shaped and made out of high tensile steel wires over four feet long. That is what gives an Ortho bed its firm support, and all without ever having to flip the mattress.

Surrounding these advanced springs are layers of natural cotton felt, conforming reflex foam, luxurious silk, and downy lambs wool. Non allergenic white fibres make up the balance of these fluffy fillings.

Topping this superior support system is a beautifully designed, hand-tufted cover. Along each side you will find double rows of stitching done by hand to provide support even at the edges of the mattress.

Not only does the Orthos Support 1400 give you a fantastic and refreshing night’s sleep, it fits nicely on a variety of bedsteads (with maximum 7.5 centimetres between slats) and divan bases to match the décor in your bedroom.

So stop tossing and turning all night and waking up with an aching back. Put a new Hypnos Ortho Support 1400 in your bedroom and find out how it feels to sleep with a superior support system.

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