Hypnos Heritage Superbe Medium Mattress

Popular for its superior quality, yet luxuriant enough to be part of any bedroom retreat fit for royalty, the Heritage Superbe Medium from Hypnos is an excellent choice for nearly anyone, and in any room.

The fine standards instituted by the founder of the Hypnos Company more than a century ago are still in place today and many of the traditional manufacturing processes still being used.

You simply cannot go wrong with a Hypnos mattress, and the Heritage Collection exemplifies the company’s fine workmanship.

About the Heritage Collection

What is unique about the Heritage Collection from Hypnos is that it embraces individual differences by providing a bed that is specifically tailored to your exact needs. No matter your décor, space restrictions, size, age, or support preferences, there is a Hypnos Heritage bed that will be just the perfect one for a great night’s sleep.

Each and every mattress included in the Heritage line has been designed with attention down to the smallest detail. The upholstery is hand stitched in a variety of beautiful designs embroidered on the silkiest of Belgian Damask fabric. Fine wool is hand-tufted and the sides of each are stitched to provide additional support along all edges.

These mattresses need to be turned, but this simply means that you get double the life out of your investment, providing the greatest value for your money. Handles along the side of the mattress make this task much easiser.

The Superbe Medium

What makes the Superbe model so special? For one, it contains more than 1,630 of the Hypnos ReActive pocket springs in the king sized bed. That’s a lot of support! Each side features three rows of hand stitching for added support along all the edges of this 27.9 centimetre deep mattress.

The upholstery is comprised of a number of sumptuously soft materials including the finest cotton, lambswool, cashmere, silk and fluffy white fibres that are non-allergenic. All of these layers are hand tufted to ensure the mattress stays strong and secure for many years. Air vents along the sides prevent the build-up of moisture, which also prolongs the life of the mattress.

With the Superbe model, you have a choice of support levels, but the most popular is the medium firmness. It’s currently available in the double mattress size:

As with all of the Hypnos beds, the Heritage Superbe Medium is backed by a generous five-year warranty and guarantee of satisfaction. Choosing a Hypnos Superbe mattress for your bed is a smart choice.

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