Hypnos Gold Mattress

One interior design trend gaining popularity in recent years is creating a ‘healthy bedroom’ in the home which does more than just provide a generic place to sleep.

What exactly is a healthy bedroom? It is a place where the homeowner can retreat to at the end of a stressful day and wind down in luxury, while at the same time being assured that it is free of allergens. This home ‘wellness centre’ should promote healing and health with clean air and hypoallergenic materials.

Choose a Hypnos Mattress When Creating Your Wellness Centre

The most important part of that healthy, wellness-oriented bedroom is the bed itself. After all, without a good night’s sleep, all other components of the room are really superfluous.

So where should you start in redesigning the room? With the mattress. Not just any mattress, the one that graces your bed should be the highest quality you can afford. The company best known for its ultra-luxury products is Hypnos.

With a history spanning more than a century in the UK and four decades as designated recipient of the Royal Warrant to provide bedding for the Royal Family, Hypnos is more than equipped to provide the best quality beds money can buy.

Each one is handcrafted from the finest materials and the top of each mattress painstakingly hand-tufted to ensure that each luxurious layer of filling stays in place.

Hypnos Gold: An Excellent Choice

Hypnos offers several fine bed collections. One quite popular choice is the Gold mattress, which occupies a place in between the upper and lower ends of their products.

The Gold mattress is part of the Contemporary Bedstead collection, designed specifically to be used with a consumer’s existing bedframe, or an alternate proprietary bedstead. This creates the opportunity for the best customisation options in your home wellness retreat.

Some of the key benefits of a Hypnos Gold bed are the more than 1,100 pocket springs (in the king sized mattress) manufactured with the company’s patented ReActive No Need To Turn technology. Non-allergenic white fibres comprise the luxuriously deep filling. The upholstery includes two rows of hand-stitched borders on each edge for the ultimate in all-over support.

When you plan the design of your new bedroom retreat, be sure to start with the proper foundation: your mattress. A Hypnos Gold mattress at the lowest price from Mattress Man is the ideal addition.

You can get started by selecting the size of Hypnos Gold mattress which you’re looking to purchase:

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