Hypnos Duchess Mattress

If you have ever wondered what it is like to sleep like royalty, then all you need do is spend a night on this luxury mattress.

With the Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II awarded to the Hypnos Beds Company, you can rest assured that any mattress you purchase with the Hypnos name is going to be worthy of a duchess, or even a queen!


Firmness: Medium
Double Mattress Cost: From £869.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

Long recognised for their high quality bedding, the Hypnos name is also synonymous with sleep, due to its correlation with the Greek God of Sleep.

While the God’s sons dance above filling your sleep with dreams each night, you will enjoy the exceptional craftsmanship and quality of your mattress. Still made with the same attention to detail and hand-stitched details as when the company originally started over 100 years ago, Hypnos bedding enjoys a superior reputation for quality, comfort, and support.

You can buy the Hypnos Duchess Mattress online. It comes with free next day delivery – start by selecting your size below:

Luckily you do not need access to the Queen’s coffers to afford this great bed for your own home. Although Hypnos mattresses tend to run a bit more than other brands, you are investing in one of the best beds you will ever sleep on. Along with a 10 year warranty and a five year guarantee of satisfaction, you can rest assured that this is one investment built to last for a long time.

Key Features of the Hypnos Duchess Regular Mattress

  • Contains a total of 1400 highly responsive pocket springs in the king size.
  • For added comfort the fillings of the mattress are made from cashmere.
  • The mattress will support you right up to the edges thanks to two rows of hand stitching.
  • The mattress is also hypoallergenic which is perfect for allergy sufferers.
  • The mattress offers a medium level of comfort.
  • Air vents within the mattress help to reduce moisture and keep you cool.
  • The mattress is 22 cm deep.

Details of the Duchess

Hypnos Duchess MattressA medium firmness is what you feel when lying atop the Hypnos Duchess mattress. Its 1,400 pocket springs are all individually encased in fine, natural cotton pockets. This patented ReActive support system is designed to work like pistons, each spring moving in response to the body’s pressure and providing a highly comfortable yet reactive foundation.

But the quality of the Duchess doesn’t stop there. The Hypnos Bed Company places thick and fluffy layers of all natural cotton, lamb’s wool, and sumptuous cashmere atop the pocket springs for the ultimate in comfort and a full 22 centimetres of depth. These naturally hypoallergenic materials are durable and long-lasting.

In addition to side air vents, this mattress is allowed to breathe, providing the ideal sleeping platform for anyone suffering from allergies.

Even more quality is supplied by the double rows of hand stitching added to each side of the Duchess mattress and ensuring that full support is achieved even if you sleep at the edge. Hand tufting secures the layers of upholstery. Side handles are securely stitched along the sides, making it easy to turn the mattress as necessary.

When it comes to exceptional quality, comfort, and support, it is difficult to beat the Hypnos Duchess mattress. Try one today and sleep like royalty tonight.

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