Hypnos Beethoven Mattress

It can sometimes be tricky to find a mattress that provides a soft to medium level of comfort but is also supportive to your body and helps you to get a great night’s sleep.


Firmness: Soft to Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £1,929.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

It is important that you do not choose a mattress that is not supportive as this can lead to severe pain in your shoulders, neck and spine. There are a large number of people who suffer from this type of pain and do not realise that their mattress is in fact to blame for their health problems.

With the Hypnos Beethoven Mattress uses find that they feel amazing each morning when they wake up as they have waved goodbye to their aches and pains.

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The reason that the Hypnos Beethoven Mattress is so highly regarded is that it has an impressive 3 separate layers of pocket springs. Pocket springs are different to normal spring units as each spring is wrapped and protected in its own fabric pocket.

When pressure is applied to pocket springs they will work like pistons and move against any pressure applied to them individually. This means that the mattress will move and react to fit the individual shape of anyone who is using it.

In addition to being wonderfully supportive, the Hypnos Beethoven Mattress is also good to prevent roll together when it is used by a couple. So if you have found that your existing mattress sags in the middle and you roll towards your partner throughout the night you will get a much better night’s sleep using the Hypnos Beethoven Mattress.

In order to make the mattress last even longer it should be turned once every four to six months. To help with this there are 2 handles stitched onto each of the 4 sides so that it can be rotated and turned quickly and easily.

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