Hypnos Baronet Mattress

Think of the brand name Hypnos and it is likely to conjure up thoughts of an excellent night’s sleep surrounded by the exquisite comfort and support of a high quality mattress.

And so it should. Hypnos has been manufacturing some of the best beds you can buy in the UK for more than a century, using hand-crafted methodology along with modern innovation.

All of the mattresses offered by Hypnos are backed by some of the industry’s longest warranties, and the Baronet model is no different. But what else would you expect from a business that has been run by five generations of the same family? Or a company named after the Greek God, Hypnos, son of the God of Night who was named the God of Sleep?

Then again, it might be more impressive to realise that the Baronet mattress is manufactured by the company holding the Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. If the beds offered by Hypnos are deemed of high enough quality to please the Queen, then surely you, too, will be thrilled by the extreme comfort and luxury of the Baronet.

When you order the Hypnos Baronet Mattress online it comes with free next day delivery:

Why Choose the Baronet?

Any consumer who enjoys medium to firm support in their mattress and who is impressed by natural fabrics and hand-crafted quality will surely enjoy sleeping on the Baronet each night.

This Hypnos model features 1,200 of the company’s patented ReActive pocket springs for superior support. Each spring is individually pocketed in its own cotton casing and works independent of the others to conform to the body’s contours.

Covering this support system are thick, fluffy layers of natural cotton and lamb’s wool. These materials are innately hypoallergenic and along with side air vents, make the Baronet perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies. The fillings are hand-tufted into place and the exterior of the mattress reinforced by double rows of hand stitching along each side.

This double-sided mattress does need to be flipped occasionally but sturdy handles make the process easier. A twice yearly flip and turn are all that is required to keep the Baronet fresh and fully supportive throughout its life. If you have trouble keeping track of when to adjust the position, consider using the summer and winter solstice to flip it and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes to turn it.

Key Features of the Hypnos Baronet Regular Mattress

  • The king size mattress contains more than 1200 pocket springs that are encased in fabric pockets to make them move separately.
  • The fillings of the mattress are made from lamb’s wool and cotton for supreme comfort.
  • The mattress only requires seasonal turning to maintain its performance.
  • Mattress offers users a medium level of comfort and is 22 cm deep for added luxury.
  • The mattress has air vents which will reduce moisture and keep the springs in excellent working order, these will also keep you at a comfortable temperature during the night.

As previously mentioned, this Hypnos mattress is backed by a 10 year warranty of quality, along with a five year guarantee of satisfaction. You are sure to not regret your decision if you select the Hypnos Baronet for your bed.

User Reviews

  1. Really comfortable and feels like it’s really robust. Very pleased with mine

  2. Not cheap so I had high hopes for this mattress and haven’t been disappointed.

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