How Long Will a Mattress Last?

While many people expect that the investment they make in a good mattress means it will last a decade or more, the truth of the matter is that very rarely do beds which are frequently used endure that long.

And more than likely, you would not want yours to. As advances are made in the technology behind providing a great night’s sleep, why not utilise them in your own bedroom?

No matter the quality of the mattress, over time it is just no longer effective at providing proper support; it tends to need cleaning as well. Many manufacturers claim that a good bed should be used for 12 to 15 years or so. Most consumer organizations, however, estimate the anywhere from five to ten years represents the maximum age for a mattress and box spring.

There are many factors involved in the longevity of a mattress. Here are some of the considerations to take into account when deciding if you are in need of a new bed.

Signs Your Mattress Should Be Replaced

These are some of the most obvious factors which signal the need for a new mattress set:

  • You are not getting a good night’s sleep. Usually this is due to lack of support or undue pressure on certain areas of the body.
  • The bed is no longer comfortable. If you dread getting into bed at night, chances are it is because your bed is past its prime.
  • The bed appears old or worn. Does your bed creak when you get into it? Does it have stains or frayed spots? Does it have a visible dip in the middle? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is definitely time to replace your mattress set.

Mattress Durability Factors

Several things affect how long a mattress will last. These include:

  • Construction, mattress material, type of cover. The lower the quality of any of these pieces, the shorter the life of the bed. Good quality costs more so the less you spend initially, the less value you are truly getting.
  • How often the bed is used. Is the mattress used for a guest bed or is it slept on every night of the week? Obviously, the more often a bed is used, the more often the mattress set will need replacement.
  • The sleepers themselves. Between you and your partner, weight, sleep patterns, and night time habits can all have an affect on the durability of a mattress. Remember, too, that the physical characteristics of people often change over time. Support needs change as people age, as well.

Because technology is constantly evolving, the way mattresses are made and the materials used continues to evolve, as well. While there is no need to try to keep up with new trends in bedding, it is advisable to replace your mattress set at the first sign it is getting old or losing comfort. After all, a good night’s sleep is more than worth the investment in a new set of bedding.

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