Guide to Mattress Sizes

What is the best size of mattress to fit you and your lifestyle? This is an important question to ask yourself before shopping for a new bed. Should you buy a size that is too small, you will regret the purchase for years to come. Conversely, if the bed you select is too big, it may not fit properly in your home.

This guide will help you decide on the proper size of mattress to aid your purchase decision. Bear in mind that for anyone other than a small child, single-sized beds are truly not appropriate.


Small Single: 75cm by 190cm
Single: 90cm by 190cm
Small Double: 120cm by 190cm
Double: 135cm by 190cm
King Size: 150cm by 200cm
Super King Size: 180cm by 200cm

Small Double Beds

For the single person, a small double-sized bed can be just fine, but only if you are five and a half feet tall or less. The dimensions of a small double bed are 120cm by 190cm. This is very small, particularly for most men. Fitting two people on this size bed, which is only 30cm wider than a single, can result in some very cramped sleeping quarters.

A small double bed is a good option for children, as it will function perfectly from a very young age on up to the teens without need to replace it.

However, for couples a small double bed is not recommended as a long term option.

Double Beds

At 135cm wide by 190cm long, a double-sized bed is often adequate for couples and much more preferable to a small double. Whilst it still may prove to be a bit crowded, especially if one partner is particular tall or large, double beds offer a very good value to budget-minded consumers. They have the added advantage of being able to fit well into nearly any sized bedroom – perfect if you rent a small flat. This is also a good choice for guest bedrooms or singles who enjoy having a lot of space to sprawl out.

King Beds

King size, and the even larger super king, beds are the most popular for couples. They are sized at 150cm wide by 200cm long. Super kings are about the size of two single beds pushed together.

While kings provide the maximum personal space, they can be hard to fit into a very small bedroom. This extra size is also something you should consider as far as being able to fit the mattress through doorways, down corridors, and up and down stairs; it is best to make appropriate measurements before purchasing.

No matter what size proves to be the best option for you and your situation, always buy the largest size you can afford, both in budget and space. You will not regret going with the optimum in the first place and since most mattresses are manufactured to last a good ten or fifteen years, you want to ensure that you will be happy with your purchase for some time to come.

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