Mattress Brands

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Selecting a brand is a great way to start off on the path to choosing the right mattress. We’ve featured each of the mattress brands below. Click on an individual brand to have a look at the most popular mattresses from that particular manufacturer:

Leading Brands
  • Sealy Mattresses – without doubt the leading worldwide mattress manufacturer, Sealy is the household name in the industry. If you have no idea which mattress brand to choose then we’d recommend Sealy – you can’t go wrong with them.
  • Silentnight Mattresses – the second largest brand in the UK. Silentnight is much smaller across the world but they challenge Sealy for the number 1 spot in the UK. Their mattresses tend to be slightly cheaper than those under the Sealy name.
Luxury Brands
  • Hypnos Mattresses – the Royal Family sleeps on Hypnos mattresses which is perhaps the most impressive seal of approval for their quality. These mattresses aren’t cheap though – expect to spend at least several hundred pounds.
  • Rest Assured Mattresses – with over 100 years of experience, Rest Assured produces luxury as well as cheaper mattresses. They specialise in pocket spring mattresses.
Discount Brands
  • Myers Mattresses – aiming to produce mattresses “giving honest value for money”, Myers definitely achieves that with some very popular models.
  • Snuggle Mattresses – the discount mattress manufacturer, Snuggle is a small brand but their mattresses are also the cheapest, with their cheapest mattresses starting at just £49. For those people who have a very limited budget, or those who are looking for a mattress for their guest room, then Snuggle is an excellent choice.