Bestselling Silentnight Mattresses

Being the largest manufacturer of beds in the UK, you can expect that you will find nearly any type of mattress you are looking for offered by Silentnight. These mattresses provide a great variety in terms of size, firmness, construction, and bedding materials.

SilentnightWe’ve identified the most popular, bestselling mattresses from Silentnight in order to help you make a decision as to which will be the best for your needs.

Silentnight mattresses can be divided into three categories – pocket spring mattresses (the traditional type), memory foam mattresses (read more about memory foam), and orthopedic mattresses (firm mattresses for your back).

Browse through all the Silentnight mattresses below to find the perfect mattress for your needs. We’ve also highlighted the bestselling Silentnight mattress at this moment in time.

Silentnight Orthopedic Mattresses

There are three main orthopedic mattresses. Here are the three, with the cheapest first:

  • Ortho Dream Mattress – characterised by it’s air vents and breathable cover, making this mattress a good choice if you tend to get hot at night.
  • Ortho Star Mattress – a good choice for partners because if its very stable design.
  • Ortho Sleep Mattress – around 40% more expensive than the two above mattresses, this mattress isn’t quite as firm so many people find it a little more comfortable.

Silentnight Memory Foam Mattresses

There are 4 main memory foam mattresses to choose from, with the Oberon model currently the most popular:

  • Memory Comfort Mattress – if you’ve never had a memory foam mattress before then this model makes for an excellent first mattress.
  • Oberon Mattress – reinforced edges mean that wherever you sleep on this mattress you’ll get the same level of support.
  • Memory Sleep Mattress – this model is slightly more expensive than the two above because of the silky knitted materials that it contains.
  • Carina Dream Mattress – the most expensive memory foam mattress, around 50% more expensive than the Memory Sleep model above. The reason is because it’s an incredible 36cm deep, making for a very comfortable mattress.

Silentnight Miracoil Pocket Spring Mattresses

Silentnight is known for its patented Miracoil spring system, so if you’re buying a Silentnight mattress then we’d recommend that you go for one of these mattresses:

  • Gold Label Mattress – the most popular Silentnight mattress.
  • Special Sleep Mattress – read our special feature below for more information about this mattress.
  • Starburst Mattress – a newer model, it features a double layer of springs, helping to support partners of different weights.
  • Nova Dream Mattress – the most popular luxury Silentnight model, it’s an impressive 37cm deep.
  • Charm Mattress – a good cheaper model with the added advantage that you don’t need to flip it.

In-Depth feature – The Special Sleep Model

The Silentnight Special Sleep mattress is Mattress Man’s best seller, and when you try one for yourself, you will easily see why. Featuring a micro quilted cover and a full 20 centimetres of luxurious depth, this product offers a great value to a variety of consumers.

This bed is part of the Miracoil collection from Silentnight. It features the company’s patented coil system which runs in a continuous vertical line throughout the mattress. In this way, the sleeper is assured that their weight will be most evenly distributed and enjoy the maximum amount of support, regardless of size or weight.

Couples are sure to enjoy the No Roll Together construction, which ensures that two sleepers will not roll towards each other in the night. Silentnight uses their advanced technology to provide support at both the edges, as well as the centre, of the mattress.

Memory Sleep

Silentnight’s Memory Sleep mattress also enjoys robust sales at Mattress Man. This model is composed of 25 mm of visco elastic memory foam filling in conjunction with the company’s famous Miracoil construction. Memory foam mattresses never need to be turned. Silentnight’s Memory Sleep comes with a cover of knitted stretch fabric which provides additional comfort through the ability to regulate temperature.

Pocket Sleep

Also from Silentnight, the Pocket Sleep model is one of the company’s most luxurious mattresses. With an extra layer of springs, it boasts a total of 750 Miracoil and 1,350 pocket springs (king size). The opulence doesn’t stop there, however. This mattress never needs to be turned. It features a micro-quilted cover and Silentnight’s patented No Roll Together edge construction. In addition, the mattress is a full 25 centimetres in depth and provides posture zone support. When you want to pamper yourself, this bed is the one to choose.

These Silentnight mattresses offer some of the best quality and value for your money. Check them out today and see why Silentnight is one of the best selling mattress and bedding companies.

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