Best Selling Myers Mattresses

Have you taken a look recently at the mattresses manufactured by the Myers company? If not, you may be surprised at how they have changed over the years.

Long known for their traditional methods of exceptional construction combined with the newest technology and trends in the industry, mattresses from Myers offer exceptional value. Take a look at some of the best sellers found at the Mattress Man website.

The Sceptre

What’s so special about the Sceptre mattress from Myers? This model is quite affordable, yet it features some of the details found in much more expensive mattresses. These include orthopaedic spine support, dense layers of fibre fillings, a beautiful damask cover, micro quilting, and sturdy handles for turning the mattress. Try one out today – your back will say thank you.

Ultrapeadic Firm

A step up in quality from the Sceptre, the Ultrapeadic Firm is one of the most popular mattresses offered at This bed offers the ultimate in support with special open coil backcare springs for medium to firm tension. These springs are fashioned in a hourglass shape, which are best at relieving pressure points while providing essential support to the spine. The 25 centimetre deep mattress is composed of fibre layers enhanced with extra tufting. A great feature of this mattress is that it fits on nearly any bed frame or divan.

Double Memory Deluxe

At the top end of the top-rated Myers mattresses is the Double Memory Deluxe. This one truly provides the ultimate in luxurious support with its twin springs, deep and dense layer of plush and pliable memory foam, and never-needs-to-be-turned construction.

This mattress is a great option for couples as it accommodates a variety of sizes and weights. Visco elastic, or memory foam, not only conforms to a body’s weight and responds to heat, but it allows one partner to toss about on the bed without causing movement the other partner can feel.

Take a look at the fabulous pricing and variety of sizes in stock for these popular Myers products today at Mattress Man. With their exceptional customer service, 24/7 ordering process, and free next day delivery, you could be sleeping on one of these great new mattresses as early as tomorrow.

Myers mattresses are backed by a comprehensive one year warranty as well as Mattress Man’s satisfaction guarantee. You’ve truly got nothing to lose – so order your new bed today.

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