About The Silentnight Beds Company

In the UK, Silentnight is considered the largest manufacturer of quality beds, and they have been for more than 60 years. Their full line of bedding ranges from mattresses for tots on up to the more luxurious offerings aimed at adult consumers who may be experiencing back pain while lying down.

Perhaps the most famous representation of Silentnight is their Hippo and Duck characters, which are used in a variety of media to advertise their products. These whimsical cartoon characters are the symbol of quality while indicating that the company does not take itself too seriously.

Silentnight is Most Popular

SilentnightSilentnight is a company founded and located right here in the UK. Their factory stands in Barnoldswick, Lancashire and employs a number of local workers.

The Silentnight factory is where a great mattress begins. It is here that the people behind the brand begin developing technology and production methods for some of the highest quality beds money can buy.

For nearly two thirds of a century, the Silentnight factory has been responsible for producing well over 40 million beds. Their advanced production techniques are the technology behind the Ortho Sleep, Special Sleep, and Miracoil collections – some of the most popular products.

Not just over 700 consumers daily are treated to the luxury of a Silentnight mattress. Numerous hotels, including the Alton Towers, with its Big Pyjamas suite, also purchase their beds from Silentnight to provide guests with the ultimate in a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Brains Behind the Luxury

While consumers are merely satisfied to find a superior quality mattress at a great value price, Silentnight is committed to staying on top of the latest technology. It is this attention to technological advances which powers their research and development department.

In fact, the company patented their superior No Roll Together feature. It utilises vertical, instead of horizontal, rows of springs to give each partner on a bed their own space without danger of rolling into the other sleeper. Silentnight is also known as the first company in the UK to utilise memory foam and latex foam to construct their mattresses.

Some construction methods, however, are better left as they have always been. Traditional hand-tufting is still employed on each and every mattress produced by Silentnight.

Silentnight Offers Everything You Need

Whether you are looking for a small single for a child or a super king sized mattress for a couple, Silentnight provides them all. Adjustable frames or divan bases, cooling mattresses or My First Bed – the company produces any kind of bed mattress you need.

Mattress Man provides an exceptional value by offering the high quality of Silentnight mattresses along with a low price guarantee. Order your mattress today and receive it tomorrow. A Silentnight mattress truly offers a great night’s sleep at an affordable price.

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