About The Sealy Beds Company

There are few consumers in the UK, or even in the world, who have not heard of Sealy and their superior mattresses. They are quite popular in bedrooms across the globe, and for good reason.

Sealy is one of the oldest, and largest, bedding manufacturers and they offer an exceptional value for the quality.

When you are in the market for a new mattress, consider purchasing the Sealy brand. Here are just some of the reasons this company is one of the most popular worldwide.

The History of Sealy

With a long history that goes back in excess of a century and a quarter, the Sealy Company has managed to gain, and maintain, an excellent reputation. Not only do they deliver a quality product, they stand behind their mattresses with a great warranty and sell their bedding at an affordable price.

Since their humble beginnings in the United States, Sealy has expanded greatly. It was in 1974 that they extended their operations to the UK. At this time, the Silentnight Group – the largest bedding manufacturer in the UK – acquired the licence to manufacture and distribute Sealy beds.

Since then, Sealy has continued its expansion into various locations across the globe. As of today, they are still a strong and vital company.

Facilities in the UK

Sealy bedding for the UK market is manufactured in West Cumbria. The company employs 400 workers to create their exceptional line of bedding in a modern, 160,000 square foot facility. There they construct 3,500 beds each week.

Always concerned with their human resources as well as their processing efficiency, the plant recently underwent massive renovations. Sealy now boasts an improved working environment as well as larger space for storage, handling, and a showroom for their products.

In addition to the West Cumbria location, an Aspatria factory manufactures the springs for Sealy bedding and foundations. It is a model for efficiency and modern technology, utilising computers programs to aid in the storage of 4,000 bed sets, handling, and distribution.

Sealy’s delivery service is also state-of-the-art and dubbed ‘Quickship’ to refer to its speed.

Research and Development

Sealy has managed to remain in business for such a long period of time due largely to its commitment to research and development. They allocate a large annual budget to this department in order to stay on top of emerging trends and the latest technology. Testing is accomplished in its United States laboratory as well as in the Lancashire location of Silentnight.

When you are ready to purchase a mattress, remember that the name Sealy stands for quality, value, and a long history of producing exceptional bedding.

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