About The Myer’s Bed Company

Myer’s Beds has long been the choice for providing high quality mattresses to UK consumers and businesses.

The company specialises in providing extra supportive foundations for a great night’s sleep. They offer a wide range of products, from entry level beds on up to luxurious, high-end mattresses for the most discriminating of sleepers.

Because of their long history manufacturing mattresses, Myers can rest on a vast wealth of experience. Yet, they strive to keep up with the latest advances and emerging technology. When you combine these two traits, a company like Myers Beds is an excellent choice for providing your next bed.

The History of Myers Beds

The Myers Beds Company has been in business for nearly 135 years. Founded in 1876 by Horatio Myer, the company first began operations in a modestly sized building located in London along Vauxhall Walk. In those early years, Horatio Myer employed 19 employees and was pleased with a profit of £6,000.

Myers began producing bedding way back when Queen Victoria reigned. They survived not only the dawn of the 20th century, but the 21st as well. This is testament to the company’s ability to change with the times.

Recent News

The original Vauxhall Walk location was where Myers manufactured their mattresses until 1982. That year marked the moving of their facility to Huntingdon and it is there that Myers continues to makes its beds today, albeit with a just a few more employees and a bit more square footage. In fact, the company now employs 600 people and utilises a spacious 300,000 square feet spread out on 13 acres.

In 1986 Myers purchased the Staples Company. Along with this acquisition they were granted the Royal Warrant to supply bedding for the Royal Family.

In 2007, Myers was bought out by Hilding Anders, manufacturer of fine furniture and bedding. This partnership has allowed Myers not only to grow as a company, but to thrive in the current market.

Today Horatio Myers’ great grandson is in charge of operations and ensuring that the company’s heritage of producing fine bedding continues.

About Myers Mattresses

All Myers mattresses are constructed with either classic cage springs or the newer visco elastic support material. The company backs its high quality products with a 12-year warranty, much longer than most manufacturers.

Whilst you can rest assured that your Myers bed is manufactured with the highest of quality standards, you may be surprised at just how little you pay.

Indeed, Myers mattresses are well known for both their quality and affordability. When buying a new bed, you cannot go wrong when choosing Myers.

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