12 Top Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep?

Many physicians claim that for most adults, anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep is necessary in order to maintain their health and ensure tip top mental condition.

If you are not getting enough sleep, the signs will manifest themselves readily enough. Bags under the eyes, bloodshot eyes, constant lethargy, taking weekend naps, weight gain – all of these are usually indications that you are not getting adequate sleep.

In order to ensure an optimal sleeping environment, consider these tips.

1. Maintain a Regular Bedtime

The best way to be ready to fall asleep is to always go to bed at, or near, the same hour every night. Of course there will be times this is not possible, but the more routine you can make bedtime, the more your body will become trained to fall asleep.

2. Use Your Bed Only For Sleeping

Many people enjoy watching television or reading a book in bed. Whilst these activities are all right if you are watching a boring show or reading a dull story, it is better to refrain from doing anything but sleeping in your bed.

3. Refrain From Eating, Drinking Before Bedtime

Make sure you are eating dinner a good several hours being going to bed. Avoid drinking anything alcoholic or caffeinated in the last couple hours or so before trying to sleep. Not only will this allow your system to relax, it will prevent those night time urges to empty the bladder.

4. Set a Regular Routine

The same routine night after night prepares your mind and body for sleep. Perhaps it is brushing your teeth or putting lotion on your hands. Good habits become part of a routine and send a sleepy signal to your brain.

5. Try a Sleepy Time Beverage

A cup of non-caffeinated tea, warm milk, or hot water with lemon and honey are all good choices for a before-bed beverage. Make sure you do not have more than one cup, however.

6. Put On Background Noise

Some people have a hard time sleeping when it is too quiet; conversely others claim to be unable to sleep if there is undue noise from neighbours, traffic, etc. In either case, try purchasing a soothing tape of nature sounds or something similar and playing it at night as you drift off to sleep. Many people claim that the noise from a television can put them to sleep, too.

7. Get Some Activity

The body is best able to rest when it is worn out. Consider taking a walk after dinner, doing some stretching, or going to the gym. Try not to be active too close to bed time, however.

8. Herbal Remedies and Medications

There are several herbal remedies appropriate for insomniacs. Valerian root, chamomile, and other natural substances are purported to promote sleep; check with your local health food shop for recommendations. Whilst it is not a good idea to become dependant on commercial sleep medications, they can provide some occasional relief.

9. Clear Your Mind

Quite often the biggest problem to getting sleep at night is the inability to ‘turn off’ your mind. Try some mental tricks to clear your thoughts. Some people have reported great success by imagining a big chalk board in their mind filled with writing that they erase. Of course, there is always the old standby of counting sheep.

10. Replace Your Bed

Probably the one best thing you can do for yourself to promote a good night’s sleep is to buy a new mattress. No matter how many other tricks or tips you may try, until you have a mattress that provides adequate support, you will never wake up feeling truly refreshed and ready to face the day.

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